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Moshi moshi! Satsuma Clan is now recruiting level 70 heroic keyed or not and Karazhan keyed or not players. Satsuma Clan has a fully functional website and Ventrilo server. There are immediate openings for protection warriors/paladins, shadow priests, and rogues. We power leveling Satsuma Clan members from level 1 to level 60 and with the mindset that we will be teaching effective raid/instance techniques in the Outlands through OMEN and our Ventrilo server and other information that is posted on our website. We have 20+ active level 70s who are decently geared (pre-Kara gear) and willing to help out all Horde members who need to farm Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms instances for gear, plans, recipes and other various drops. If you hav any questions, please feel free to contact Jihibukai, Sansforme, Scaldan, or Fet for more information. Arigato gozaimasu.
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